Slappy Cakes

About Us

Since opening in 2009, Slappy Cakes has become one of the most popular breakfast spots in Portland, Oregon, USA by offering a one-of-a-kind dining experience in a fun and interactive setting.

In the United States, Slappy Cakes has been featured nationally on The Cooking Channel, Rachel Ray, Women's Day Magazine, and was awarded the title of "America's Best" by Food Network as one of America's top ten dinning destinations.

What sets Slappy Cakes apart from any other breakfast restaurant is that there are griddles built into each table, giving customers the opportunity of cooking their own pancakes right at their table. This creative and interactive experience is what Slappy Cakes is about - offering a fun-filled dining experience of the kids, and kids at heart. People of all ages, both children and adults, can enjoy the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that Slappy Cakes brings.

After the success of Slappy Cakes in Portland and in Tokyo, Slappy Cakes is out to capture next the hearts of Filipino breakfast lovers. Aside from the do-it-yourself pancakes, the breakfast selection with all-American flavor, Slappy Cakes also offers a breakfast line that's uniquely Filipino called Slappy Happy-noy.

Whether you're up for either an American feast or your usual Filipino favorite, Slappy Cakes is sure to bring a pleasant and memorable breakfast dining experience, any time of the day.

Portland soul, now in Manila.

Slappy Cakes... All day breakfast! All day fun!